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October 30, 2008


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Pursey!!! you left out "Mormon" ... just to piss off any real muslims who might be concerned that BHO is hiding something from THEM. Afterall, he's never been seen in Utah (he dropped Michelle off to speak in SLC once, while he flew on by himself). Must be a thing to hide thing! HAH! Just wait for his 'secret agenda' muslim mormon missionaries to start bicycling around every U.S. neighborhood the day after inauguration. Resistance is futile, LOL!

Well, Rahm Emmanual, Obama's new Chief of Staff, has a dad who is Israeli born and was part of Irgun, which will fuel the fodder of right wing nut jobs for years to come.

I love that this was something of a landslide, I swear.

Diva, I SWEAR, that night I said, "if he could hit 300 electoral votes and trounce the right I would wallow in pig shit. Now he is up to 365 electoral votes and I am seeking dinasour (sp?)dung on Sarah Palin's lawn to wallow in. Wait, I see some foot prints now. OMG, she has a huge ass dinasour wearing silk undies from Neiman's parading around in her so-called garden. OMG again, the dinasour is wearing pumps and munching on Bristol Palin's secret pot garden. Lord have mercy, and I thought this was the thing that only LSD trips were made of. No, it is the reality of the life at the Wasilla hillbilly home!

Dang, that's fine!

"Something of a landslide," Raed? Do you want to know what the fucking numbers were? Just ask and I'll be glad to school your ass.

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