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January 20, 2009


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yup, out of all the bad hats that day (and there were many), I got the biggest laugh from HW. It was sticking out of his pocket as he hobbled down the stairs toward his seat. Looked like he had a large hamster stuck in his pocket. Saw him wearing this hat on the next camera shot & realized it was MANY dead hamsters! Hey it could've been worse ... he could've unsnapped the the ear flaps & brought them forward to snap under his chin!

I missed the pocket shot. Jeesh. That would have been a good one. The ear flaps under the chin would have been a classic. I actually like Aretha's hat because it was sooooo Aretha. My niece lives next door to a hat shop run by a female African American milner. I am going to scope it out next time I visit her. We sat next to the milner in the bar across the street and she was a real card with a real wild hat.

I am so glad that you blogged the hideous hat...I too saw it, and I can not believe that no one else commented on it...he looked like something off of Heehaw...

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