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April 25, 2009


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I knew one woman from Tennessee. I asked her what she did in Tennessee and she told me she was a fur king.

I then asked her if she had a ranch that raised minks and sold fur coats and was so prosperous in her endeavor that she was considered a king at her business.

She said, "No, I'm a fur king. A fur king hillbilly!"

Hah! Did you make that up or is that a true story?

That's one very cool story and I loved the ending. Bettie had some major fans at our house even though we'd been a bit young to know of her early on. I'm sure she was glad to know about her many fans and admirers in the years before she died. It might not always look like it on the outside but things are getting better.

Great story - and so true! Being from Tennessee I once heard this description of the ideal Tennessee woman, "She can fish, fight, fuck, cook, back up a boat trailer and she's got a job." Amen.

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